The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star and her beau went through some ups and downs and faced criticism from the public. Her daughters Jessica and Lauryn were fathered by Michael Anthony Ford, who was found guilty of trying to exploit oral sex from a minor female online. She briefly dated Mark McDaniel, who was convicted of abusing Anna and whom Lauryn believed to be her biological father for some time. In , TLC cancelled the series after four seasons when cast member Mama June was seen with the man who molested her oldest child. Mama June admitted to Entertainment Tonight that the two men are both registered sex offenders. She claims to have weight issues and went as heavy as pounds before getting bariatric surgery in Mama June reportedly lost more than pounds thanks to the surgery as well as the help of dieting and a personal trainer, Kenya Crooks. Mama June revealed that the show got approval for a fifth season and broke the news on her Instagram account. You heard it right here, we are coming up for Season 5!

‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Mama June tries to mend fences with Sugar Bear

The reality TV star appears in an exclusive video interview in which she blames her mother for bringing up the past dating Mark McDaniel. In an emotional filmed interview with Entertainment Tonight, which is set to air tomorrow, Anna is in tears as she accuses her mother Mama June of bringing up the past by spending time with McDaniel again.

He did this to me. Why would you let him come around the girls, knowing what he did?

June ‘Mama June’ Shannon and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, left the hotel they Doak’s dangerous behavior and the couple’s excessive drug and Related: Mama June is Reportedly Selling Home, Moving in With Boyfriend Geno Doak The scene of the fight looked more like a crime scene with all of the.

From physical violence to teen pregnancies to emotional and sexual abuse, what began as a light, silly diversion based around a pageant princess quickly turned into an examination of the dark underbelly of child exploitation. Here are the biggest secrets that Honey Boo Boo’s family tried to hide from the public.

Don’t be too distracted by Mama June’s From Not to Hot body to remember just how dysfunctional this clan can get. Documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that while in a relationship with Mama June in , Mark McDaniel allegedly sexually abused thenyear-old Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell numerous times. Cardwell alerted a teacher to the abuse, who then contacted authorities. However, Mama June was allegedly skeptical of her own daughter’s story.

You were never there to see it. You were always at work. McDaniel was eventually indicted on charges of rape, child molestation, aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes and aggravated sexual battery. In a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to aggravated child molestation and served a decade in prison, reported Radar.

Mama June denied dating McDaniel following his release from prison. Mama June Shannon’s relationship with Mark McDaniel was arguably her worst parenting offense, and yet one could suggest she preferred not to parent eldest daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell at all. They thought that Anna’s illegitimate teenage pregnancy would make for good storylines for the show.

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Earlier this week, the cops were called on the former reality TV star’s hotel room and after they left the hotel room it was wrecked and covered in blood. She had gastric bypass surgery, and after getting down to pounds, she had skin removal surgery. A few months ago, her daughter, “Honey Boo Boo,” has decided to live with her older sister Lauryn Michelle “Pumpkin” Shannon full time, while Mama June figures out legal issues that started happening around the same time Doak entered her life.

Doak’s dangerous behavior and the couple’s excessive drug and alcohol abuse have become an issue, and Mama June’s family has been worried about her safety, even trying to stage an intervention.

Geno Doak is the boyfriend of reality TV star “Mama June” Shannon and was insight into the arrest of Shannon – known more commonly as Momma June Shannon and Doak Have Been Dating For Three Years, And She Has was married for many years and I am only his second serious relationship.

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From Early On, Miske Was On The Path To A Life Of Crime

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She started dating her partner — and partner-in-crime — Edward Eugene “Geno” Doak, in Geno has a lengthy rap sheet ; he’s been a regular in the big house since Last year, Mama June joined him in his felonious ways for the first time. A much needed getaway with everything that’s been going on with my awesome bf Geno Doak thanks so much for everything u do everyday n being here to help me with all this that’s been going on with me I love u more today then yesterday n we will continue to this crazy journey of life together this is a old pic of us but one of my favorite 3yrs together4ever powercouple doakgeno.

Geno caused a disturbance at a gas station in Alabama, when he allegedly threatened to kill June. Upon the arrival of the police, both June and Geno were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, after Geno admitted to police that he had a needle on him. Geno was also arrested for third-degree domestic violence. The drug was suspected to be crack cocaine , which was later confirmed by court records; the paraphernalia in question was a pipe.

Geno was court-ordered to keep away from June, but less than a week later, the two were spotted together at a casino. During the intervention, Alana told her mom that she was moving out of their home and moving in with one of her three older sisters, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, because she no longer felt safe living with her mom. The girls believe that a major reason June has been spiraling is because of her relationship with Geno.

They pleaded with her to go to rehab for her addiction; sources say that her home was littered with needles. June eventually conceded and allowed her family to check her into a treatment facility in North Carolina, but 12 hours later, she checked herself out. The gas station dispute between June and Geno occurred only two days later.

Mama June Cries ‘Nobody Knows What the Real Story Is’ After Arrest in From Not to Hot Trailer

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Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak have been charged Their next court date is not yet confirmed. a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia after she allegedly had crack “This was a serious crime.

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture. Mama June Shannon’s family blames boyfriend Geno Doak for her recent arrest after an alleged domestic incident. Sources close to the situation told TMZ over the weekend that Shannon’s family feels like Doak’s “awful influence” is responsible for her arrest. The family reportedly cites his criminal history, including arrests for burglary, theft and damage to property, as well as jail time served.

As previously reported, Shannon and Doak were arrested at an Alabama gas station on Wednesday, March 13 after police reported a domestic incident. When police arrived, they reportedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia on both Shannon and Doak, including traces of cocaine on Shannon and a needle in Doak’s pocket. According to legal documents, Doak allegedly threatened to kill Shannon during last week’s domestic dispute.

Mama June Charged In Crack Cocaine Arrest, Faces A Year In Jail

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Here comes some major controversy. June Shannon (Mama June) of TLC’s “​Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is reportedly dating a man that was just released from a year prison sentence for sexually To make matters more shocking, June and McDaniel were romantically involved at the time of the crime.

Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak have been charged with felonies following their March arrests for suspicion of possession of a controlled substance. The State of Alabama had a grand jury review the evidence in both cases and ultimately came down with two charges against them, The Blast reports. The paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor, while the drug possession charge is a felony. If convicted, they could both face years in prison.

A spokesperson for the Macon County D. Shannon was arrested with Doak, who was charged with third-degree domestic violence, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

June Shannon’s daughter Anna says mom’s pedophile ex molested her as child

By Tom Steele. Tonya Couch, the mother of “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch, is back in custody after authorities say she failed another drug test. Couch, who faces charges of hindering the apprehension of a fugitive — her son — and money laundering, was arrested Friday, her 52nd birthday, jail records show. According to court documents, she is accused of violating the conditions of her bond by failing a urinalysis test. The substance she reportedly tested positive for is not named.

Tonya and Ethan Couch were arrested in December after fleeing to Mexico.

Reality star Mama June Shannon has reportedly been indicted by a grand jury on charges drug possession that stem from an arrest earlier this year at an Alabama gas station. The couple has been dating for three years.

Drama in June and Geno’s relationship has escalated to a point that her loved ones fear the relationship has turned dangerous, TMZ reports. Sources close to the “From Not to Hot” star told TMZ that June’s family members believe Geno has June locked in a “mental prison” and is keeping her there using manipulation and mind games. As TMZ writes, “The fam thinks Geno’s preventing her from seeing [her loved ones] and being with her kids, and has been filling her head with lies … like saying they are against her when in fact, they are worried sick about her.

June’s family believes that the carpenter, who has a criminal record, is motivated by money, according to TMZ, as sources say he likes that he doesn’t have to work while June is paying the bills. But June, sources have told TMZ, refuses to kick Geno — her boyfriend of three and a half years — to the curb because she still doesn’t believe he’s a problem.

Geno and June’s behavior in recent months has been troubling, to say the least. Earlier in June, he crashed an SUV into her house. Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Geno was speeding down the residential street before he pulled into June’s driveway and smashed into her garage. Video shows him struggling to stand and walk amid speculation that he was under the influence when the accident occurred.

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After three seasons, continued production of the show was not confirmed, as June and her boyfriend, Eugene ‘Geno’ Doak, were arrested on March 13, , at a gas station in Alabama. The two were both arrested and charged with felony possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia , with Geno facing an additional charge of domestic violence. On February 28, , it was announced that the fourth season titled Mama June: Family Crisis would premiere on March 27, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Main article: Shannon family.

“Ev and Ocho” was canceled after Ocho was arrested for reportedly attacking Ev. that cited the arrest report, and Johnson was initially arrested following the altercation. Pumpkin, Sugar Bear, Honey Boo Boo and Mama June and conditions that may cause serious bodily injury, illness or death” — all.

The couple had been involved in a domestic dispute, which led to the cops coming and then finding the drugs on the From Not to Hot reality star and her hygiene-challenged beau. Geno and June were ordered to stay away from each other once they were released from the slammer. Geno has an extensive criminal record. The Ashley will give you a moment to recover from the shock that surely came with finding that out.

A much needed getaway with everything that’s been going on with my awesome bf Geno Doak thanks so much for everything u do everyday n being here to help me with all this that’s been going on with me I love u more today then yesterday n we will continue to this crazy journey of life together this is a old pic of us but one of my favorite 3yrs together4ever powercouple doakgeno. June has a history of choosing less-than-stellar men. Lipstick on a pig, no matter her size. Who else would be desperate enough to be associated with that wack-job?

Mama June’s Daughter Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell Slams Her Weight Loss Journey