Cataloging my experiences and encounters repairing and restoring guitars. Dating Kay Guitars Kay instruments are tricky with no understandable serial number system, questionable reliability on finding stamps, an During the 70s, I’m not too familiar with the later import Kay guitars as I am with the American build instruments. I have a red K model K but can’t find anything about it. What can you tell me? Thanks in advance! Thanks for all the great info!

Identifying and Dating Kay Guitars

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Date first listed on: July 26, 。 Silvertone Banjo Aunt Heart with clear crystal You Are More Loved Than You Will Ever Know Circle Bracelet. Silvertone​.

That’s just three grand shy of the October totals, and the average yearly salary for a typical worker in San Jose. That’s what we’ve got today. It’s an ultra -rare early Kay-built 5-string; family provenance, in great shape, with a vintage snapshot of the banjo being played The number designation for banjos would soon change over to the 80X nomenclature that would last into the late 60s. It has only had one owner and has been stored in their home all this time. He also rewired the pickups after being rewound, and at that time put a new custom shop made bonenut bridge and has been setup for great intonation.

Kay Guitar Identification

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Date first listed on: November 17, 。 Silvertone Banjo – Rope Charm Bead Hanger. Silvertone, hand enameled charms. Charm size is approx. x

Order by:. Available to:. Old stock. As new. Origin unknown. Don’t forget to check my other listings! This is a made by Harmony. The Banjo sounds excellent.

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Harmony Company, which was acquired by Sears in , dominated the U. And with a large staff of skilled German and Latino woodworkers, Harmony was able to produce enormous numbers of high-bruko ukuleles under their own Supertone brand and many other names. Martin influenced its designs, but the ukuleles were often made with a close eye on purfling and binding used by Hawaiian builders. Diy, the quality and ukulele of these Chicago instruments is widely recognized on the vintage market and some of the high-end models are revered for their beautiful purfling and rope binding.

While Farida is relatively new to North Martin, the company has a tuning for common with the prewar Harmony Martin.

Date first listed on: November 17, 。 Silvertone Banjo – Celtic Knot Charm Bead Hanger. Silvertone, hand enameled charms. Charm size is approx.

I had a huge amount of feedback for which many thanks to all you clever, knowledgeable people about the original list and so I expanded it to cover later artists including some Gospel , but I still try restrict it to acoustic instruments, give or take the odd added pickup. The information is mostly gathered from repros. Also, please bear in mind that any one singer would have used several instruments in his career and that he could have borrowed a guitar for the photo session.

Any further information to add to the list, to correct the dodgy bits I know where they are – honest! There is a note at the end about Stella guitars. Also an unidentified standard guitar and, reportedly, a Martin. A Kay Solo Special in the s. Also the guitarist in his Nashville Street Band played a Kay archtop with all the electrics stripped out. Clayborn — Grand Concert Stella. She was also pictured with , D and a Gibson J There are photos of him with a Yamaha dreadnaught dreadnought and a Martin D The banjo featured on that record was a 6-string.

Douglas — Harmony Sovereign H

❌SOLD❌ S S Stewart The Amateur Open Back Banjo, 1899

This item has been sold. Silvertone Model L Model Thinline Hollow Body Electric Guitar, made by Harmony ‘s , made in Chicago, black lacquer finish, laminated maple body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, black gig bag case. One of the very best guitars ever sold through Sears-Roebuck, the Silvertone is both a sharp-looking and great-sounding guitar. These are the same units used on the contemporary Epiphone line, the only difference being a 3-and-3 staggered polepiece pattern as opposed to the straight line, probably to differentiate them visually rather than for any strictly musical reason.

The odd-looking white plastic trapezoidal mounting bezels are also unique to this model.

Harmony Silvertone player plastic fretboard selling some , pieces in and , in , including all kinds of Guitars, Banjos, and Mandolins.

No two models of banjos sound alike. Older banjos are highly prized for their unique tones that evoke the late great artists of blues, bluegrass, and folk. With a few exceptions, older banjos are more sought-after. This is because older models use now-defunct materials, giving them tone that is unique from more modern instruments. Many early Gibson models are incredibly valuable. You can find the age of your banjo by Google searching the model name and serial number.

If your banjo was handmade, you can have it dated by an expert. Some banjos are incredibly rare and can be worth thousands. The Gibson Mastertone flathead five-string, made famous by Earl Scruggs, is valued at thousands of dollars since fewer than were ever made. While more common, Epiphone banjos made during the Great Depression tend to also be worth great deals of money.

Rope Charm Bead Silvertone Banjo

Silvertone was a brand created and promoted by Sears for its line of consumer electronics and musical instruments from to Samick sold musical instruments under the Silvertone brand, and relaunched some historic models, until the brand was eventually discontinued. Musical instruments sold with the Silvertone brand were electric and acoustic guitars, basses and ukuleles. The Silvertone brand was introduced by Sears in with the hand-cranked model 1 phonograph. In the early s Sears began selling Silvertone radio tubes and batteries, although Silvertone radios decreased in popularity during late s.

Banjo – Silvertone Layla Bow Clip on Earrings: : Jewelry. Item model number: EC-CF; ASIN: B01IFRFZHC; Date first available at.

Whatever Happened to the Banjo? Other Inst. Are You a “Brand Bigot”? Who Owns Folk Songs? It may help you remember a cherished family member long gone. It may give a youngster a chance to learn skills and musical principles that will last a lifetime. That said, when you try to sell a banjo, especially a student or off-brand banjo, you run into a different sort of valuation – the apparent value to a stranger who doesn’t know and love the instrument like you do.

That’s why when folks ask me the value of a banjo they’ve inherited, I’m becoming increasingly hesitant to answer. Instead I’ve put all the things I automatically take into consideration into this article so they can hopefully figure it out for themselves.

Guardian Cases CG-020-JO Open Back Banjo Case

My goal is to price things well below market price and in such a way that everyday people can afford them. All instruments I offer will be fully repaired, restored and set up for playing. Email me at vallillo macomb. Ladder braced. This model has a steel bar in the neck and I did NOT have to do a neck re-set.

Approximate age for Silvertone mandolin But after reading your reply, I took another look and compared this one to a couple other mandolins and I think it’s likely Weymann Style 25 Mandolin-Banjo — National RM

Antique Silvertone guitars were manufactured by five guitar makers, Danelectro, Harmony, National, Kay, and Teisco, to be sold by Sears department store from the s into the early s. While all of these guitars bear the name “Silvertone” on their headstocks, the design of the instruments differs greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Many different models of Silvertone guitars exist, but the vast majority of them can be dated via the serial number.

In general, the older the guitar is, the more it is worth. Search the guitar for a serial number. Look behind the headstock and on the base of the neck. If there is a four-digit serial number, which the vast majority of Silvertone instruments have, you can use it to find the guitar’s age. Remove the guitar’s neck if you cannot find the serial number anywhere else. Most vintage Silvertone guitars have the serial number stamped on the neck pocket, which is the piece of the neck that hugs the body of the guitar.

Remove the strings and unscrew the screws at the base of the neck. Carefully separate the neck from the body of the guitar. Look for the serial number in the neck pocket. Read the serial number. The first two digits indicate what week of the year the guitar was made, and the last two digits indicate the year the instrument was made.

4 string banjo “I AIN’T HAD A GOOD POOP” Paddy Waggon