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A Handy Price Guide for Your Antique Dolls

American English. French German. Rest of World By Material. Bisque Celluloid.

While she only joined Hogwarts in the franchise’s second film, Ginny Weasley made the doll is presented with an optional Gryffindor cloak and wand to heighten her Stay up to date with the latest Harrods newsStay up to date with the latest.

These ‘s Vogue sisters; Ginny and Jill, are so pretty in their matching red sailor dresses! All dolled up in Red they make a pretty display or gift at Christmas or Valentine’s Day. This Ginny is a straight leg walker with painted lashes. Ginny’s deep blue eyes prefer to stay open but will close with assistance. Her blonde braids are in lovely condition.

All of her limbs move and her head turns as she walks. Ginny is wearing panties, socks, and her own personally marked red shoes. She can stand alone but a stand is included as she doesn’t hold all standing positions well. Her “skin” tone is good. She has what appears to be some glue residue close to her ears.

Ginny Doll Clothes 7 ½”-8″

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Black Ginny dolls by Vogue date back to the early s, first appearing as a hard plastic, /2 inch, toddler. A beautiful version of the My.

Repro Vogue Ginny Margie re-dressed in vintage fabric sewn by Jan. Repro Ginny Ballerina re-dressed in vintage fabric sewn by Jan. Repro Ginny dolls Bunky and Binky re-dressed in vintage fabric sewn by Jan. Minnie’s Cafe top shelf. Vintage hard plastic Ginny Dolls by Vogue. Annette , Darlene , Karen. Carolyn’s Rock n’ Roll Ginny Dolls. Carolyn cataumet. For fun I have also included. Wendy and Maggie Dolls. Here you will find the sounds. TV and movie memorabilia. On holidays I usually picture.

Alderfer Online: Single Owner 1950s – 1960s Ginny Doll Auction: 10-23-2018

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Head Mold: No date. Dolls in line: Harry; Ron; Ginny, Hermione; Dumbledore; McGonagall. Personal Fun Fact (written by my sister): When I first.

Thinking of unloading some of your possessions? People are all over them on eBay. Certain classic Madame Alexander dolls — especially those from the s and s — might be worth well into the thousands, according to antique doll collector, historian, and expert Dr. Cissy lent her likeness to an array of muses, from red-headed brides to tulle ballgown-clad debutantes. Composition is a material made from a sawdust-based composite that was the go-to for dollmakers before hard plastic made it obsolete.

Hunter suggests monitoring eBay , Ruby Lane , and Etsy to see what doll models are being offered for sale and the amounts they have sold for. An important resale guideline, if your doll is not in its original packaging: “Cleaning is not recommended,” says Hunter. Store her properly so that she ages with beauty. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories.

2018 Ginny Weasley

I certainly had a slew of them. I think they have the cutest faces and are the most durable. After all, they were made of hard plastic. I bought them naked and the older ones usually needed to be restrung.

Ginny. Object: Doll. Place of origin: Hong Kong (made). Date: (made). Artist/Maker: Vogue Dolls (makers). Materials and Techniques: moulded vinyl.

Q-My daughter remembers reading an item in one of your past columns about a collector and buyer of Ginny dolls. I am interested in selling a number of original, undressed, tagged Ginny dolls dating from , each in its original box complete with instructions and brochures. All are in fine condition and have assorted hair colors and styles such as bangs, braids or curls.

How can I contact the collector looking to buy such dolls? Enclose a description or photographs of the dolls, comments on their condition and an addressed stamped envelope for a reply or offer and a Ginny-doll want list. Milwaukee Ave. Doll doctor Edith Garney restores, repairs, restrings, rewigs and re-outfits dolls at the Antique Doll Hospital, W.

Irving Park Rd. Q-Where can I possibly obtain radio tubes for an old radio I have that was manufactured by the Workrite Mfg. As far as I know, the company is no longer in existence. I am also interested in locating a set of earphones for this radio.

Your Madame Alexander Dolls Could Be Worth Thousands

The story is that a “friend”, who knew of Jennie Grave’s skill in sewing children’s clothes, asked her to dress some dolls for a charity event. Unbeknownst to Jennie, the “friend” was selling the dolls instead of giving them to charity! Thus inspired, Jennie Graves began dressing and selling imported German dolls to Jordan Marsh, a well-known Boston department store. Success followed success until , when a sales dip in her line of existing dolls inspired Mrs.

If you’re curious about the value of your antique dolls, our price guide Marks: 1 FG; Date of production: Circa ; Characteristics: Bisque.

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Dolls come with a personalised wand matching the one used on screen, perfect for casting spells and inspiring imaginative play. Features. Ginny doll inspired by​.

The original Ginny doll was created in by Jennie Adler Graves. Vogue made the last original Ginny dolls in , at which time to company was sold to Tonka. The value of an original Ginny doll is based on a few distinct factors. They include the condition of the doll, the particular style of the doll and whether the doll is in its original box. If the doll is in its original box, the value is based on the condition of the box as well.

Original clothing with tags from the Vogue doll company significantly increase the value of any of the Ginny dolls. Collectors have devised their own language of sorts for figuring the worth of each Ginny doll. Some Ginny dolls had painted-on eye lashes, which are denoted to collectors by the letters “PL. Dolls with painted eyes are referred to as “PE” dolls. An “SL” walker, or “SL W,” is a doll that walked with straight legs, rather than those with bended knees of later years.

As an example of this collector’s system, it might be said that a PL W doll is worth more money than a strung ML doll. Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from Portsmouth, N. She has authored five books and hundreds of articles and short stories. By: Kimberly Ripley Updated April 12,

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